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This page is for up-to-date information from our team and from our readers.  We invite you to share your ideas, tips, etc. that will help others during the construction, remodeling or home maintenance process.  We like the tips as do the DIYers. 


The ATH Gang

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2:31 pm 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Having trouble getting that foreclosed home prepared to sell?

We can help!  With over 30 years in the home remodeling, restoration & repair business, About The House, LLC, a State licenced and insured general contractor, has all the resources available to quickly restore your property to a sellable condition.  There is no secret that most perspective buyers do not want to walk into a "fixer-upper".  You know that you can maximize your resale value by making some minor or major repairs.  Quit selling your properties short. Some houses simply require some sheetrock, paint and trim work, while others require gutting and replacing the interior shell and all its components.  A classic issue we see is the home that sat empty through the winter and the water pipes froze creating a big mess with water damage and all the associated issues that come with interior water intrusion: Plumbing repair, HVAC cleaning/repair, mold abatement, sheetrock and insulation repair/replacement, door and window repair/replacement, trim replacement, painting and the list can go on.

Let us take the burden of restoration off your plate.  There is no job too big or small that we cannot help you correct.  We have State and City (MPLS & St. Paul require special permits beyond what other municipalities require) licenced plumbers, electricians & HVAC services as well as roofers, siders, sheetrockers, insulation installers, carpeting & tilers, trim carpenters, countertop installers, you name it...if it's About the House, we can do it.  We can help you bring those difficult properties in St. Paul & MPLS up to city codes.  We can be your general contractor or one of your subcontractors.  We are clean, reliable and have great references from Otsego to Northfield, Cottage Grove to New Prague. Give us a call today and get your property in sellable condition in time for Spring sale. 

Literally, there is nothing about the house that we cannot help you correct.

Doug Ripperton
(612) 210-1664 - Cell
9:29 am 

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Undetected damage...
After last summer's storms, many houses sustained hail and wind damage that went undetected.  This is a good time to call a licenced contractor , like About The House, to come out to your house and inspect your roof, windows, siding and gutters to verify that your exterior is solid and did not sustain damage that needs to be repaired.  We can work directly with your insurance company to help you get the best solution for your home.  With changes in colors and styles over the last several years, matching your current shingle or siding can often not be possible.  Therefore, replacement of the entire exterior can sometimes be the only alternative.  But consult with your contractor and your insurance company to be sure.  The sooner the better since your insurance company's adjusters could be booked soon and long into the summer just with last years back log.

Best regards.....ATH
9:29 pm 

Friday, April 6, 2007

Spring Check-up

Spring is a great time to review your homes needs.  Winter in Minnesota is particularly hard on your home's exterior.  Siding, Shingles and Windows/Doors all take a beating and need regular care and inspection is needed to prevent long term damage.  Look at your shingles closely.  Are they curling or cracking?  Is the granular material almost worn off?  Check the trim around the outside of your windows.  Are they holding up or are they rotting?  Look at your siding.  Is it starting to show signs of rot or damage?  Patio's that seal working?  Any drafts or freeze up this winter?  With regular maintenance and care, your home's exterior should last for 15-20 years.

Remember....The longer you let the damage or rot continue, the more expensive the repairs can be. 
9:15 pm 

Friday, March 9, 2007

Ice Dams? Mysterious water spots in the ceiling or walls?
ATTENTION MINNESOTA: With the last big snow storm and pending warm weather, melting snow (water) can run down to the ends of your roof during the day and re-freeze at night at the end of your exterior wall with the un-melted snow (The soffit area).  This is called an ice dam.  As water continues to melt during the days it cannot pass over the dam and runs back up the roof and under the shingles.  This can damage your roof shingles, sheathing, the insulation, and your sheet-rock ceiling.  Depending on the size of the damage and amount of water, this can cost several thousand dollars or more to repair.  The good new it is avoidable.  If you can remove the first 4-6 feet of snow from your roof edge, this will minimize the creation of ice dams. 

Best of luck and let us know if you need a new roof, siding or anything else your house needs.

Eric Stander
6:31 pm 

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